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  • Mitchell Antesky


It's been a week since I said I was going to start writing, at least semi-regularly here again, and while it look longer than I wanted, I'm baaack!

It was an odd week at TLC. Scott hurt his back, we think doing some of the renovations around the Art on Market Shoppes and it really got him down for a few days, when he hurts, I hurt, so not a lot of new product got built. He is better now and so we managed to get in the studio and decorate for the Christmas in July event we wanted to have. Not sure if a last minute push on marketing for it worked but we had a lot of customers that enjoyed picking a savings coupon from the rainbow tree and save a few bucks. The very first lady who picked a scroll got a 50% off, so she was thrilled she added to her order and crossed both her kids of her Christmas list in July!

We saw, as usual, a lot of new faces and picked up more followers across all our social media, we thank you and encourage you to keep telling your family and friends to help us spread the word about us, it really does mean a lot.

We sold quite a few of our regular stock items , both styles of heart lamps, lots of the Erie and a few table lamps, so that means this week , we need to hustle and get them replaced. A few of one of a kind pieces also went out the door, fire extinguisher, fire box, so that means we need to try to get more out to fill the shelves. (Guess the tree has to come down soon too, add that to my list).

I said I wanted to get working on the boat pieces, then he dug into designing 2 different skateboard lamps so, yes, the boat dashboard is still in the middle of the floor where I wanted to get it out of. maybe that can be next.

But first, today I picked up the table top wood for the next Jeep table that is being built for the Visitors and convention bureau. My deadline for that is Aug 6, it is going to a trade show in Detroit and needs to be picked up in less than 2 weeks, no problem! The wood I selected is different from what we have done before. I went shopping thinking that I wanted a nice live edge piece but fell in love with a slice of a utility pole. That's right, it is straight and has the most amazing gray curved edge for the front and just a hint of it on the back side. It will look great with the black (and colorful bug splatter) grille, and pipe frame. Without a doubt when you see it you know it is a former telephone pole. This should be the only time a Jeep and a pole are going to be this close! I will post some pics on the feed and make a IG highlight too so you can follow along with the progress. The slice I got is also big enough to do another decent size table with just some standard pipe legs too, so I'm going to try to pull that off at the same time. There is so much to do, so little time!

It's getting late already so this is going to be a short night for writing, I just needed to help myself get back in the groove. Among other things in upcoming posts, I of course feel like I need to tell our side of the story of "the mural", or the mural that isn't, and why we will be continuing to use the #whaitewarehouse hashtag for a while longer yet, how we will focus on the #artcenteroftoledo at the corner of #erieandmarket . Overall, it has certainly has taken the wind out of our sails, temporarily anyway. So I keep saying, that which does not kill you makes you stronger. Maybe we are better off anyway and we can open up the discussion about turtle loving bears in downtown, alien-like antlered creatures, best dumpster for a selfie and more, oh so much more.

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