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Finally breathing

While this should be a long winded entry since it's been awhile, it's late and my world has changed a lot since we last chatted. I need to get to bed since I have regular hours to keep now.

The store has been open officially for 9 days of business. We are now open 5 days a week so I spend more time there which is good but tiring ( not complaining, I signed up for it).

The store is beautiful if I say so myself. It really came together like I envisioned and it certainly has a wow factor when people walk in, now just the, what seems like slow process, of getting them to walk in. As with any business open 9 days, it's expected to be slower than I'd like, but I have faith, we've done a good thing and I just need to be patient.

The sales floor is 95% done, it will always be a work in progress as new items are always showing up or we make something new. The back rooms are also nearly organized and are finally walkable, thanks to Scott mostly. He is enjoying his new found love of being organized, fingers crossed he stays that way.

We are up to about 17 artists with works or products in the gift 'warehouse'. So I decided I hadn't done a YouTube video in ever and since I had some new wireless body mics, I'd give it a whirl. We have so many cute items in the store I did a little sales pitch and styling tips in one. I did the fireplace mantel and as soon as I was finished and had decided to leave it staged that way, a woman came in and unprompted by me said " I love the way that's done". I wanted to say, learn how I did it by watching my latest video here...

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