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Since I started promoting this blog over on Facebook and Instagram I thought I should set some things straight.

Grammar Nazis will not be tolerated! Please don't leave comments announcing that I am guilty of writing run on sentences or I incorrectly use commas... or comma's ... or is it commas'? Here's how this is going to go, since I am the writer, I'm going to write it basically like I speak, and sometimes that is wrong too, but I'm human, and I make mistakes, so get over it, life will go on. I don't need your big red ink circling this and that and the other. This isn't meant to be a great piece of literature, it will likely never be published and if it is I'm sure the publisher will have a team of rewriters and proofreaders, its just me telling you about my days and life. I know enough to make sure my their, there and they're will be used properly and I will not seen anything. As for the occasional dangling participle, well, I'm not making any promises there. In eigth grade I was more disturbed by my English teachers flabby waving upper arm demonstration than what ever it was she was teaching. I often write these entries late at night, after a long day, and chances are I'm doing it all on my phone with a keyboard the size of two postage stamps.

So git over it, (that's for you Janith). Thanks for letting me vent folks tomorrow we will return our regularly scheduled program, me and my daily life of a guy running a lamp store in a warehouse mini-mall.

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