Toledo Ohio is famous for a variety of reasons. Jeep, Champion spark plugs, first class glass manufacturing, Packo's and the world wide use of Toledo Scale products, known for their "no springs-honest weight" machines since 1901. Built to last for decades, this model is estimated to be over 50 years old. It's long life as a scale ended sometime ago and was tossed aside to eventually face eternity in a landfill. We saved it from that fate and have converted it into a unique, one of a kind, conversation starter lamp. This scale could certainly tell some stories having spent some of it's life enduring hard times and minor damage. The age wounds only add to the strength and endurance of these nearly indestructible beauties. A bit of rust adds to the rustic industrial charm of this vintage treasure. It is fitted with a twisting array of industrial pipes and fittings that lead to the glowing oversized Edison 4 watt LED cone bulb. The dramatic angular shape of the bulb exactly mimics the classic shape of the Toledo Scale design. Own a piece of Toledo history with this impressive statement lighting creation measuring 28 in. tall 24 in. wide and 12-1/4 in. deep with an estimated weight of 50 lbs.