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Honestly, I'm getting tired, no, I am tired. The prize at the end of the journey is going to be so worth it though! We often hear people complain about how tired they are even after a weekend off of work and filled with activities that basically sound like they should be fun. Sometimes I wonder how Scott and I do what we do, day after day, week after week. Not to complain about our schedules because we choose to do what we do. We thrive keeping busy and as we continue to build our business and this unexpected dream, we love every minute of the path getting there, with all the ups and downs. Early morning, nearly seven days a week, one full time job, one part time, numerous errands, stops at one store then off to the other. Add in cooking, my job, and cleaning, his job plus business paperwork, taxes, item bar codes and product ordering and whatever else comes up, whew.

This new store is like a dream come true though. Sure, I wish we had known a little further in advance so we could have saved up a little more cash so all the wishlist items weren't going to be so budget based but that's the way life is, and if anyone is good at making something out of nothing, it's us!

The last few evenings have been spent scrapping up the carpet glue. Not fun but oddly rewarding as every last bit of glue eventually pops off and leaves that smooth tile surface underneath that will soon, (fingers crossed) be painted black with our signature TLC speckling.

First come the walls though, and do I have a firm design plan for those yet?.... No. Of course it will be very similar to downtown but will need to be adjusted some due to the ceiling height and 3 plus times more space.

We have the paints! We can start rolling soon.

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