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Blog entries, weekday posts and pics have been rare lately, I know that. Why you ask? If you've been following along with our journey buying, building and operating TLC, you know the lamp store is just one part of a much bigger picture, the Art on Market Shoppes. We initially thought "let's buy a lamp company" it'll be fun, then the opportunity was given to us to lease five other studios and some common space, in total over 4,000 square feet. What we do with all that space? This is where my crazy bald head starts thinking let's lease out these other spaces to local artists and create an artists row atmosphere. Could we build a destination shopping experience where art and mostly handcrafted items could be bought. We have seen areas in other cities where similar concepts are popular and successful. So we pull the trigger so to speak. This was in early January 2021, we had a vision and we knew we could make it work, but we would have to go full speed ahead. The search for tenants began and as I write this now in the third week of March, four spaces are leased and the last available studio is being toured tomorrow. To add to the possibilities of what could happen in this wonderful space, we also are planning on featuring a 200 foot plus gallery wall for multiple artists consignment pieces. What does all this mean? We have been working on and continue to have numerous renovation projects to do all with the "opening night" philosophy that we want to be nearly ready by the first week of May when the Mudhens season begins and our potential foot traffic multiplies many times over. We have been working on getting the new tenants situated and doing fine tuning on the consignment gallery, the entrances, lighting, landscaping and more. Currently the artists in residence are AbstractOverspray a spray paint artist who has done many large murals in the city and does abstract impressionism paintings. The JewelryJoint features affordable Paparazzi jewelry. Let Mee Help You is a unique metaphysical shop with crystals, jewelry, candles, insence and will be offering Reiki healing. Another artist who collaborates with many artists is also yet to move in. So stay tuned on more changes happening everyday. I hope to have the daily commitment to keeping you all updated.

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