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New Year 2023 Resolutions

As I look back and see my last blog post was in July, I can't believe how time flies. Before I get into my new year resolutions, I'll take just a minute to reflect on 2022, overall it was a very good year.

We welcomed many new customers to our studio every week, we saw a lot of returning guests and made some fun, quirky and unexpected lamps that guests love and are referring us to friends.. Saturday morning farmers market crowds continue to grow every week, Summer Night Market evenings were outstanding as very large crowds visited all the shoppes. We aren't really fans of doing many pop up events, we did however commit to a few including the 2 day holiday night market at One Seagate. It was a great weekend and we had to run back to the shop a few times to replenish stock.

We completed small and large scale custom orders and our holiday season received an added sales boost from a business order for over 60 lamps. To date, our largest single custom order. That was a challenge to complete but we knew we were up for it and despite some long hours, we were able to build and deliver them on time.

Over the holidays it has become tradition that we take some time off after a hectic shopping season. However, it wasn't all rest, we took advantage of the lack of tenants and customers to paint the floor in the hallway outside of all the shops. Its bare warehouse concrete has needed it for a long time and now looks great in cityscape gray.

Resolution time: In 2023, likely in February, I plan to rearrange my day time hours to be able to put some extra time in at the shop. Will we be open during those time, let's wait and see. (although we never turn away a guest) The idea is that I will be able to get more items prepped and designed if I am there undisturbed, sometimes that can be a challenge when there are customers. we love them but they can distract since we really like to talk to guests at length, discover their needs and help them with the many options when they are selecting a lamp or bulbs.

I've explained this quickly before but to recap, TLC is a part time endeavor for both of us. The sales demands inspire us to put more time in as we often sell out of popular items that we want to restock and are eager to seek out more time to create the signature one of kind specialty items that have helped make us what many have called destination shopping. Being a 2 man show, we do all of the work ourselves. Attention to detail in design and construction is of utmost importance to us. At this time every lamp is carefully wired by Scott to insure the safety precautions he takes with each connection.

Outside of the workroom, since I am sitting here now, writing this blog, I want this year, to have time for more regular entries, we would like to start a (perhaps) weekly email newsflash featuring new items, upcoming sales, events and more things, all about lighting. Maybe even a podcast. There is so much to discuss when it comes to home lighting and our unusual twist on original art lamps.

I don't want to exhaust myself now, so I'll wrap it up for tonight. I WILL start planning my next entry and for soon, this was just a great way to get back into the swing, I promise, it wont be 6 months again.


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