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I'm going to take a break from the early days of designing the studio, for a few posts and jump to the present. I plan to return to the conceptional discussion soon, I found it rewarding and I hope you found it at least semi entertaining.

Previously I have mentioned the unique location of our shop in this former warehouse. What I need to clarify is the fact that we occupy two of seven of what I will call studio spaces. Six are on average about 350 square feet, one is 620 square feet. Just this last week it became official that we will rent all of these spaces and our big dream again is to convert these spaces into an artists row style mini mall, filled with local artists selling mostly handmade items and art. The space will also feature a 150 plus foot gallery where artists can display works to be sold on a commission basis.
We have one studio rented and open to an affordable jewelry outlet, the JewelryJoint. Now we need to get the others rented. We have had a few artist look at them and currently they are still in the debating stage. We fully understand that opening a brick and mortar location in the midst of a pandemic is risky but we are encouraged by the enthusiasm that others are in seeing our vision with us. The rent is very reasonable for the potential and we are pulling out all the stops to turn our vision into a reality. If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough, right?
We are showing these spaces to anyone interested in operating a weekend business. There aren't many restrictions, being open Saturday 8-5 and Sunday 10-5 with possible extended hours during game and special downtown events.
I personally am very excited about the possibilities of this being a destination shopping event. The area is filled with so many talented people it seems natural for an outlet like this for them to be showcased in regularly.
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