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Oh boy, that's right, June is looking like it's going to be the busiest of months for us. Our Market Street Art Collaboration is every Saturday morning with a variety of artists, vendors, food and coffee trucks and live entertainment.

The warehouse district is so busy with the farmers market, great restaurants and the Libbey factory outlet so we have added even more to see and do. The line up changes every week so you get ever changing art and music to enjoy. Meanwhile in the studio we are prepping for the first night market of the season, an extra 7000 people in the neighborhood has a tendency to boosts sales. Two days before that the first art loop of the year bring another huge crowd downtown. The majority of the activities are a block away, and since we are technically "out of the loop" we will have to try to pull the crowds that last block and around the corner. Last year we went all out with artists, and interactive events, this year, the plan is low key... unless a lot of motivation hits me in the next week.

We also are gearing up for the Italian Bowl, we are vendors at the market at the university July 1. Which means again, more lamps to build. And lastly, Jeep fest is in early August, so the items we are donating need to get built along with as many other mancave items as we can get finished. I started this entry late Friday night, now it's after midnight and it's an early morning on Saturday when we meet the food trucks and start getting everyone set up, so I best be turning out the lights.

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