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t's been just about 2 weeks since we signed the lease and got the keys to our new storefront. To say we are excited would be an understatement. The first order of renovating business is to rip up the dirty, dated office carpet. The bad news is, the carpet is coming up fairly easy in spots, but not easy in many others, and the glue under it all is not coming up at all and is leaving one big sticky mess. Luckily, we turned to the internet and found an Insta-friend who is in the carpet business and is going to meet me in the morning to give us some advice on cleaning up the glue and give us a quote on one small section we might want to do with a different look. A section of the showroom about 11 x 13 feet might be our "gift warehouse" as a contrast to the colorful playhouse vibe in the majority of the sales floor this area might be very industrial with touches of brick, galvanized metal, reclaimed wood etc. so the floor could be different than the splatter look I will repeat from our current location. It gets a lots of comments so , the plan is to not reinvent the wheel.

We also both have our cars loaded with a small load of odds and ends that we are going to start moving to the new store so that when the actual move day(s) come around, it will be a little lighter load.

So far we have acquired a very nice curio cabinet, I don't have a plan yet for the refresh of it but of course, a pop or two of color is destined to transform this classic piece into something a bit more whimsical. Another fun addition we gained is a grandmother clock(less) that has already been reimagined into a purple, chartuise, black and white creation that might have fallen off the pages of a fairy tale. It's very close to what I would have planned anyway, so it just needs a little refresh. I'll post some pics as I start the rehab.

Update: the carpet guy stopped in this morning and as expected said the glue removal would be a big project, very labor extensive and the chemical we need to loosen the glue, well it ain't cheap. Here's a picture of the old carpet, the dreaded glue and the surprising tiles that were under it all.

We had plans to finish getting it all up Friday night but a last minute unresistable marketplace find might keep us from getting it all up and taking one more day. I can't wait to move on to the next phase, that glue removal process! Stay tuned for a few more frustrating posts.

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