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  • Mitchell Antesky

First looks inside

It's time we finally share some pics inside our new storefront. These are already going to be BEFORE pics as renovations have started with the carpet removal as I mentioned previously.

This is basically the view when you walk through the door. The pillars will stay as some of them are structural and that's good, the center area then will serve as an island filled with lamps and decorative items. The door to the right is a electrical closet. The walls behind where you see the desk chair sitting is going to be the light bulb wall, bigger than what we currently have!

This room will be where the magic happens. Our pipes will be stored here and 2 work benches will all us to design and build in heated and air conditioned comfort. Another identical room will serve as our wood shop where cutting, sanding (routing) and storage will be, just across the hall.

A custom table will go against this wall where chairs will be available as we can sit and discuss at length the many details that are considered when planning out a custom piece.

This area is going to be the "gift warehouse" a place where many of our new items, candles, soaps, and decorative home goods and more will be found in a setting much different from the rest of the space with a distinctive industrial and vintage warehouse vibe

This is the "book nook". Our current book and DVD offerings along with more local authors will fill shelves here along with greeting cards, stationary, hand crafted pens and more.

And finally for now, looking from the rear to the front of the store, counter in the far back right area and the entrance door is the furthest right glass panel between the poles and the large display window on the left

We can't wait to start seeing the transformation from this white off to the colorful and fun fantasy boutique you have come to expect from all things TLC! (Next post, carpet removal)

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