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The cat is out of the bag, I had every intention to drag out the suspense of what was going on with my hype over Fridays for a little longer, because I know you all LOVE that, but I just couldn't wait any longer.

What is Filament Friday going to mean? Well, it could be just about anything. We really want to connect with our followers and this is a great way for you to get to know more about us and just not our lamps.

I am really looking forward to doing some longer videos and behind the scenes footage of what all goes into designing an making a lamp. I think you will find that interesting and hopefully a little entertaining. How can you forget the Filament Friday Fun Facts, don't worry this won't be like going to school, you may learn something but it'll be fun.

I also am excited for you to meet the other artists that are in the Art on Market Shoppes. As of this writing, we have 3 spaces leased and happy to report 2 others are penciled in and are just awaiting the time to sign the lease and make it official. I am convinced that by the time spring is sprung all 6 the studio/retail spaces will be open for shopping.

As the weather warms and TLC can open their overhead door, visitors walking and parking around Market St, will have easy access up our loading dock, though our studio and into the gallery hall that leads to the other studios.

So just how Fun, Fabulous and Fantastic, will Filament Friday be For you and your Friends!

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