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  • Mitchell Antesky


I abandoned my thoughts on designing the studio a few blog posts ago but feel the need to pick up where I left off.

The studio design has actually steered the design of the lamps also. When the concept of the space changed from a colder industrial look focused mostly on pipes and wood to a colorful fun and playful atmosphere that lead to even more imaginative lamp designs. While I am certainly a fan of the industrial look that brought TLC to where it was when we bought the business, fun blasts of color and the unexpected quickly started to shape the product line. Our upcycled gumball machine lamps and our blender night lights have proven to be popular favorites in our online shop and in the studio. That trend, I hope, will continue to make TLC that place where the one of a kind, unique find can only be purchased. Part of our weekly routine now is seeking and searching the perfect vessel that can be transformed into an original lamp that is just what someone is looking for, or had no idea that they needed a lamp made out of a (fill in the blank).

We won't be straying far from even bigger and better pipe designs but you just never know what you might find when you enter our little gem tucked away in an old landmark in downtown Toledo.

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